Lauryn started Div9ne in 2019 as a hobby stemming from her love of vintage jewelry and unorthodox creative outlets. Eventually, it became a full blown passion project. Discovering this new found love of entrepreneurship and becoming a businesswoman, this is now an unshakable drive she holds of commitment and dedication to the brand. 

Lauryn has always had a passion for style and finds inspiration from vintage jewelry collections. She hopes to inspire others that with the right amount of hard work and focus, anything is possible. Implementing creative ways to fuse Greek, Roman and French art inspiration, the brand is a lot deeper than it appears.

All jewelry is named after the goddesses, muses, and infamous names and tales of Greek Mythology. Be sure to always read the description. Each piece has a story.

Div9ne is just that, divine. It is the gold parts of the heart. The 9 in the name isn’t just placed there as a creative numeronym. It resonates with her strongly as it is her life path number and the most virtuous number in numerology. To be divine is to be of, or like a God(ess)— virtuous. Cheers to being heavenly. Cheers to being authentic. Cheers to being div9ne.